Monday, June 25, 2012

Randi Alegre

Posted back on 7/6/2010 on Art Review

Fox: Did you try to fit art classes if or when you had extra time in law school?
Anais: No... from high school to law school, quit for film school, quit for Los Angeles, quit for New York, then quit to come back to LA.
A lot of quitting but, for good reasons.
Fox: Quitting has such a negative connotation but, I think that your're actually completing steps in a journey instead of not completing anything.
Anais: I see even beyond that. My former economics teacher would call this the "Economics of Happiness".
The equation was to keep subtracting until I found what I liked which was photography.

Randi Alegre's photography is sometime like watching still after still of Warhol's portrait films, but with a twist, because Alegre engages the subject through the process of interview and inquiry. The image and text is from the series The Flight or Flight Theory. This makes the subject more lively and natural. Even the chairs feel like portraits of people or evidence of a persons character. The narrative is in the person being engaged by the photographer and then further being engaged by the viewer. This layering effect makes the subject a richer image to the viewer. It is almost as if the viewer is asking the subject questions. The reactions bring about a feeling of getting to know these subjects. The repetition of images works well, because it reinforces the subjects reactions and allows you to further understand the subject. On a technical note, the subjects are well lit and the cropping of the figure further reinforces the shape and structure of a figure. The close up images of the figures reinforce the idea of the moment captured in a series of moments. This separations is important in that the viewer can engage in the subject in a series of images or as one or two moments. That separation bring about multiple perspectives to the same subject.


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