Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nick Gehlhausen

Posted back on 11/14/2010 on Art Review

This work titled 'I am the Buddha your Buddha,' by Nick Gehlhausen and this work is a typical collage that I have encountered over the years. Central figures surrounded by random, but formal elements of similar tones of color. I don't really think the work has matured enough to really capture my attention. Much of the work on Gehlhausen's website use safe colors for collages or that old look feeling that is very common among collage art in past generations. The best way to mature as an artist is to look at as much art as possible in order to not repeat everything out there. Also, a good challenge could help develop the work, like one collage artist that made a collage a day for a year. The sure intensity forced the artist to take risks. Another way to mature the work is not worrying about cutting out shape with any sense of 'stay in the lines' logic. Also, the paint element could be better served if it was used sparingly, rather than all over. This would make the paint part of the collage element, rather than some sort of coating.

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