Friday, June 08, 2012

The move

With all my blogging, studio time, teaching, and work for and, plus all the social media updating, I have decided to close down "The Art Review" blog. The blog you are reading is titled "Art, Artists, and Galleries." I will begin to archive some of those enteries right here on this blog. Plus the reposts will give everyone a chance to read some critical reviews I gave to artists that emailed me. Here is the opening lines from the blog; "Send me images of your art or your website, your name, permission to use your images to post to the blog and I will review your work with an eye on historic and current trends. Once the review is made, the artist has to accept my review as it stands. I have a MA in aesthetics and an MFA in drawing and painting. I have been reviewing work for seven years now, I have worked for several art galleries and curated one non-profit gallery. I constantly visit museums and galleries, so if no one summits, I will give a review of some of the work I visited that month." I suppose I can do the same right here on this blog.

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