Monday, June 18, 2012

Mollie Delaria

From my blog (The Art Reviewer) June 12, 2010

Mollie Delaria's 'content fear' series is nicely disturbing and very hard to look at long, but nice staging. The 'ghast' is trying to be disturbing, but I think the camera tricks act as more of a distraction rather than something that adds to the image. I still have a feeling of stressful energy in most of the rest of Delaria's series. The urban landscapes have some what of a mix between danger and beauty. I think the only odd grouping that doesn't match the themes is the 'you kippur' series. These biker gang kids make the viewer feel free with no sense of anxiousness or fear. Over all, Delaria's work is better when the images are unstaged, but well planned captured images. I found myself returning to those images in the park, city, empty spaces, and the kids. They attracted me because the work did not feel contrived or over acted.

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