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Loralee Grace

From my blog (The Art Reviewer) June 5, 2010

Loralee Grace is a recent BFA painting student of Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI. Grace is focusing her work on speculative fiction/dystopian future and the work reflects this vision in a slightly humours/tragic depictions of these figures in space/containment suits. I don't find the planet paintings that interesting in and of themselves, but in a context of the thesis show, the paintings might make more sense. But I don't think the planet painting can stand alone like the figure paintings. Over all, I respond positive to the figures and their environment, however, I think the figures are a little to cartoony for the seriousness of the issues being present to the viewer. I think the figures could be more realistic rather than eluding the a totally science fiction world. Not realistic in the sense of matching a photo, but more realistic in the way Grace could be referencing to current containment suits with a little of her inventive sci-fi technology. By referencing the sci-fi world only in the figures, Grace distances the viewer for the real tragedy and message in the painting, but if somethings real and familiar is introduced, then the work begins to draw a line of possible futures for the viewer.
The image above Earth: 2313 Subway has a very richly painted background that shines off the canvas. Like Kurt Vonnegut's 'Harrison Bergeron' story; both depict a future in technological stagnation, but in Grace's world, it is pollution that has stunted our advancements. Notice the bottle water and plastic bag, these objects are drawing the lines to the past and showing a stunted future. This is the strongest image of the thesis show, because the painting makes connects to our current issues while giving a sense of a dreadful future.

Loralee Grace - June 5, 2010 12:29 PM Thanks for the review! Very interesting points. -Loralee

Art Reviewer - June 5, 2010 6:07 PM You would make a great candidate for an MFA, I hope your applying.

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