Thursday, June 21, 2012

Linda Chalmers

From my blog (The Art Reviewer) June 17, 2010

If any painting style needs a fresh approach it is abstract painting, lucky we have Linda Chalmers adding her voice to the mix. Chalmers uses a mix of styles and shapes from the history of abstract art and then remixes these moves, strokes, and shapes into a freshly moving like images. The work is like Futurism, meets Abstract Expressionism, with a hint of street. I find the colors very activated and painfully soothing. Splashes, line painting, and drawing like elements interweave and interact to make an excitedly fast image on a literal flat non-moving painting. I can't help but think that these images are influenced by computer art. I have seen some slick images made with the computer, but they often feel dead and contrived, Chalmers work feels alive and powerful. Linda Chalmers is on my artist to watch list.

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