Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kasia Ozga

Posted back on 11/15/2010 on Art Review

Kasia Ozga's art taps into a real primal element through the work. The work like 'Bite Me' shaped like a face made of food for animals really gets to our base fear of being consumed my others, or in the case of the face washing out to sea, our existence dissolved; in the work 'In every grain.' The truly human element appears and reappears for the viewer to fell fearful, that creepy feeling, or a nice nerves laugh. Ozga is carefully, with great craft and thoughtfulness, giving us parts of bodies that make us peer into ourselves for meaningful answers to our own functions in life and legacy. Because of the material Ozga often uses, one can not help but feel their own mortality when looking at the work. Sure there is fun and some playfulness in the work, but that only masks the true gravity of Ozga's work. The fact that there are so many levels to the work makes them worth seeing over and over again. My only hope is that I get to experience the work in person some day to get the full impact the work demands from the viewer.


  1. Love the weaving!!! And the eyes. The one you have here is also strangely compelling

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