Sunday, June 24, 2012


Posted back on 6/23/2010 on Art Review

Something has happened to Cosmo when last I saw his work. Before the work was the expansive watercolor abstractions. Now, a burst of photograph inspired drawings has sprung forth from Cosmo. I am assuming the work is using ink and ink wash. The images often times come from older pictures, but I can see others that have contemporary sources. There are so many of these drawings that it would be nice to see them all together in one exhibition. I thing the works would make a great show. I think the charm of these works are the fact that some are done really well and others seem to have failed, but I would not eliminate any of them for a show, because the raw experimentation would be lost if the failures are dropped for the rest of the work. I say failure loosely here, because the works move in and out of sketchiness and unfinished to a slightly more polished look. Over all, the work is exciting and I hope to see a show of them soon.
  1. Actually, I do have a show of this kind of thing in mind. I'll be sure to let you know about it.
  2. I really don't see what's so special about this guy's art/blog. I've seen elementary school kids do better. Plus, the guy is a self centered little douche.
  3. Leaving name calling aside, true a few elementary student might do better work on a technical level, but they would not commit to an idea for a long period of time with many similar images in the same style. The amount of work Cosmo has committed to shows his maturity. Also, the fact that the work isn't perfect, but more about exploring an idea make the work more valid than a one shot drawing from some random secondary school child.
  4. While I can't argue against the idea that there must be kids who can produce better (whatever that means) drawings than I can or do here, I would point out that the separation is that very few of those kids would have the agency to choose their drawing style. That's boring, though. I'm more interested in how these drawings project my character in such a way as to affect you so drastically. Or do you know me somehow and have a pre-formed opinion?

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