Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amy Shackleton

Posted back on 11/16/2010 on Art Review

When I first encounter Amy Shackleton's work, I thought 'computer generated,' but I was wrong, these are paintings. These works have been influenced by what computers can do. I like the work for its interesting look, but much of the work on Shacklenton's website is using the same simplified composition of the 'path' look or 'one point perspective.' A few painting would be fine, but the vast majority use this composition. I think this hurts the series of work. A show of work should have more sense of variety. The work above 'Mountain Link,' is a good mix of hard edge buildings and the stylized random like organic shapes. You don't feel that one type of shape is dominating another shape. However, in some work the images loss that balance. In 'Current Re-vision,' there is this sun burst that is completely out of place and distracting of the rest of the work or the flames on 'Rising Feli-city' are a little to much a recognizable symbol to act as a random flowing element. With this style, colors, and subject matter, this work is well on its way to developing into something interesting. However, a more sophistication in composition is needed and in it is important to keep out the kitsch element, like those sun burst and flames.


  1. Troy Camplin November 19, 2010 2:28 AM
    Yeah, it feels like it is on the edge of being interesting, but falls just short. Kitsch element? You may be right that that's the underlying problem.

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