Sunday, June 10, 2012

Amy Bouse

quail lake road 2009 acrylic and pastel on paper

From my blog (The Art Reviewer) June 4, 2010
Amy Bouse works in a consistent style and temperament through paintings, drawings, and fibers. The paintings and drawings have a watercolor wash feeling. Bouse is in clear command of the composition, because the images generally allows the eye to move around and inside the work without feeling the need to leave the image. Bouse uses pleasant color combinations and much of the work resembles the explosion of growth. Color represented in abstraction tends to represent moods, Bouse work seems to follow this tradition. With the pastel drawing on the abstract paintings, the work reminds me a little of artist Cy Twombly. Both artists allow drawing and painting flow into the same image.
In Kentucky, I visited an exhibition of quilts and I was attracted by the 'crazy quilts' (these quilts predated Cubism). Bouse work is in line with this tradition of quilt making, but I can also draw a consistent line to her paintings and drawings. I think the website is organized well, because it shows Bouse growth as an artist over the years.

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