Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amanda Boekhout

Posted back on 6/19/2010 on Art Review
Amanda Boekhout is a painter and fashion artist. I think the fashion work is more developed. I like the very odd patches that seem to break up and appropriates other outfits. I like when the painting invades the patches. The neck pieces are harking back to older styles with contemporary material. (Notice: first grouping of paintings on her blog) The paintings are a little to symbolic for my taste. The narratives seem to be illustrating ideas rather than inferring them. In this piece, I like the dark, painterly strokes with drips and in relationship to the figure. I think the halo and the eyes are to much information. A good painting has more questions than answers and this one is answering to many questions. The figure alone would create enough tension and questions. Sometimes less is more. I thought I would end ther then something very exciting happened, I looked at Boekhout older posts on her blog.

This work combines Boekhout's work of fashion and painting into very coherent, and very ambiguous way. This work reminds me of David Hockney's sculpture paintings, only his has one upped those paintings with the element of the figure and dirt. Even the paintings are better integrated with the back ground and foreground. The landscapes are more surreal and dreamlike and less straight symbolism. In general, I can see that Boekhout is about reimaging the portrait.

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