Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Timothy Harding at Box13


My art review repost at ModernHouston.net back in December 2011.

Timothy Harding tries to stretch the very fabric that holds together the definition of drawing. Harding has the one drawing, "Omitted" on display at Box 13. And you know, I don't think I have seen a single show with more than one piece by him. I think the show at the CADD lab in Dallas had one and one of the shows at Mod Shop gallery had one, but each time the drawing was really quite striking.

The reason why I say his work re-defines the boundaries of drawing is because the drawn lines often inhabit a three dimensional space. The drawings become sculptural in nature, but essentially the lines and shapes look more to be from drawings. So you are left thinking, is Harding really creating sculptures or drawings? In this work titled “Omitted,” the same strokes of lines and shapes exist in the work. There is even overlapping and weaving of lines in the work, but there is also some painting elements that have crept into the work. The shadowy figure form has drip marks and there are dots of color that draw your eye around the composition.

Timothy Harding is really another one of those hybrid form artists I have written about. He is very comfortable with blurring the definition of established art forms. In fact, Harding might just be more of an installation artist at heart, because so many of his works take up large areas of space. I was checking out his website and I was impressed with the scale some of his work seems to occupy. I remember the work at the Mod Shop gallery show from about two years back. He mounted to the wall a work on paper, coated with gesso, drawn on with charcoal, cut and folded into a rounded shape. My notions of drawing was quickly expanded and from that piece alone, Harding has been one on my list of artists to watch.

If your are on the web and you need your daily fill of artists to look up; Timothy Harding’s website is his website. Box 13 in and of itself is always worth visiting. The artists there were extremely friendly to me and allowed me to freely look around the art spaces during their shows. You have till January 7th to see this work and I would email box13artspace@gmail.com for an appointment or drop by on a Saturday from 1 to 5.

For more images from the show, visit ModernHouston.net.

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