Thursday, May 03, 2012

Related Clues at Inman Gallery

Jillian Conrad - Casing, 2011 paper, tape, foamcore, graphite, paint, foil, wood 30 x 23 inches

A repost of my art review at back in December 2011.

Inman Gallery matches up four artists; Jillian Conrad, Claire Falkenberg, Ian Pedigo
and Brion Nuda Rosch, in an exhibition titled "Related Clues." When it comes to group shows, a gallery's job is to attempt to find connections among all the noise out there and make sense of the art world through finding trends. Inman Gallery has a pretty good track record of producing challenging group shows and this show is no exception.

The work of Jillian Conrad and Ian Pedigo is like that of assemblage artists. Conrad's work takes found objects and rearranges them into simple or complex collages with a focus on mix-matching materials. Pedigo mixes the found object with the constructed object to form new composite objects. Conrad's work on the wall
uses complex lines and shapes to create a collage that resembles a drawing. Whereas her sculpture on the floor deals directly with the sculptural issues of tension, balance, and weight. I find the work by Conrad and Pedigo very Duchampian, with the benefit of minimalism guiding their paths.

Claire Falkenberg’s work combines staged photography, collage and painting to make wonderful smoky cloud like images. The floating forms are like jellyfish or ghostly ectoplasm spirits covering much of the surface. If you look closely at the background, each individual rectangular collaged photo seems to shift and change time of day and angle of the camera. Falkenberg’s work is disorientating because of its play with time and space, sublime size, and mysteriously hazy form.

Like Falkenberg, Brion Nuda Rosch conceals and reveals part of the image. Nuda Rosch
chooses to lay photographs over a black geometric form. Thus, part of the image is lost, but unlike a government document that has had its content removed, Nuda Rosch
gives us plenty of clues to fill the missing part of the image. Jillian Conrad, Claire Falkenberg, Ian Pedigo and Brion Nuda Rosch are all hybrid form artists.
They defy category in one media or one method. Like a fusion chef, they play around with the material limits. Hybrid Forms have started to get traction in the academic fields of art and I think Inman Gallery has a good pulse on this rising trend. See this mix and mashing of matter into art until January 8th, when your time to see this show runs out.

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