Sunday, May 06, 2012

Graciela Hasper

Untitled 76 x 80 inches

My art review repost at back in December 2011.

Sicardi Gallery represents artists from Latin America, of those artists you will find painters like Manuel Espinosa who is influenced by geometry and sculptors like Maria Fernanda Cardoso, who challenges the mind through fashionable expressions. The Sicardi Gallery's own, Graciela Hasper will be exhibiting her geometric inspired paintings this month and she takes a real colorful approach to her canvas.

The colors are so bright and vibrant that I was instantly cheered up when I saw them. The interaction of lines and shapes overlap like a stained glass window and the colors seem to glow on the canvas. Dare I say, but these are extremely festive paintings. One of her “Untitled” paintings looks as if the work has been inspired by construction paper laid out and then cut to overlap each rectangle. Another work is like overlapping lines to form these beautiful organic shapes. I like how the thick lines change colors in relationship to the lines it overlaps. For example, a yellow line turns a red line into a rich colored orange.

As eye catching as these works are, they also reference a very rich tradition in art history. Several geometric inspired art movements in the 20th century happened in Latin America. Hasper is from Argentina and in Buenos Aires the art movement MADI was formed by artist Carmelo Arden Quin. It is hard to imagine Hasper wasn’t aware of the MADI artists. After all her work is as fun and whimsical as Arden Quin. I also see Russian Constructivist artists influence in her work. Hasper and the Constructivists use common goals of form and line. In addition, I see her politically mirroring the Russian artists. After all, the Soviets were pressuring artists to only paint works in the Social Realism style, but many of the Constructivists either fled the country or worked in secret. In Argentina, Hasper wasn’t making art to help prop up the ever changing governments. Her work, like the Constructivist is above politics. I see Hasper’s work as a positive force and that is optimistic in a sometime tumultuous world.

The Graciela Hasper show will not be up much longer, so drop by before December 24th. You will be treated to a festival for the eyes. While you are visiting, get to know Sicardi Gallery’s other artists through their collection of catalogs from past shows. Just ask the director to see one on Siquier or Gego.

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