Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deth P. Sun

Black Cat Floating 5” x 5”

A repost from my art review at in April 2012.

I have not been completely won over by the Lowbrow Art/Pop Surrealism art movement, but sometimes my inner child gets the best of me and I start responding to this type of work. Such is the case with Deth P. Sun's paintings up at Domy Books.

The problem with much of the Lowbrow Art/Pop Surrealism art is that the vast majority looks to be a refined and well crafted adolescent art. After judging a few middle and high school art competitions and teaching art for two years to the same grade levels, I have come to the conclusion that the art movement comes out or artists that haven’t really let go of their adolescence. This is not necessarily bad, because Picasso and Paul Klee got a great deal of inspiration from children’s art. However, there is this crazy romantic notion that children are just purely creative, when in fact they generally regurgitate the cultural symbols around them. Adolescent artists want to copy their surroundings with even greater intensity, but often with slight alterations to the general theme, to give the illusion of originality. So if most Lowbrow Art/Pop Surrealism comes out of an adolescent state of mind, can this movement truly develop original ideas?

Deth P. Sun likely doesn’t care about my thoughts on the art movement. I see an artist concerned with illustrating anthropomorphic cats and making paintings that tell a story. It would seem that the more paintings of Sun’s work clustered together, the richer the story becomes. And though Sun plays it a little over the top edgy with the depictions of a cat with a 40 oz. beer bottle; somehow I still find it charming. I think maybe because Sun is challenging the over sanitized images that come out of children's books. The illusion to death and skeletons reminds me of images from the Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebration. And the grey cat seems to take the role of a grown up Max from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Call it a guilty pleasure, but I enjoy Deth P. Sun’s paintings. They are cute little paintings that I can envision arranging and rearranging to make new adventures for his characters. You can see his work up until April 26th.

And at Domy Books you will also find the best art zine collection I have ever seen. Don’t be shy picking up some hard to find art, design, and architecture books/periodicals as well.

Visit for more images of the show.

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