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Charles Wiese

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This is a repost from my art review at back in December 2011.

This is a review, but also this is as a defense of art, artists and the tool of the computer to create art. Charles Wiese is one such artist that creates images using the computer as a tool. Devin Borden Gallery is savvy enough to show his work of digital photographs.

Charles Wiese's show, “foldedSpace,” is a little ironic. The computer generated image is the essence of flat and one-dimensional, but visually, Wiese’s images are pushing through the planes with simulated strictures that look like origami folded paper or maybe microscopic views of folded proteins. None the less the images are filled with space relationships that overlap and draw your eye around the art. I debated describing these works as paintings, but Wiese’s art really has a photographic feel and composition more common to photography. Most paintings are generally not about focusing on a part of what assuredly is a larger object. Plus the image is crisp like a photo and printed in additions. So, they are digital photos.

Digital manipulated abstract photography is a young field that people seem to get turned off by what appears to be just an art artifice. And a lot of computer “art” is just a game of “name that filter” on Photoshop, but when an artist takes this computer tool to make real art, surprising elements begin to emerge. Remember, not too long ago, photography was not taken seriously. And every time a new technology would come along in painting, critics were rarely on board. The invention of the paint tube was just the catalyst the Impressionist needed to go outside and paint, and few were kind to them. Computers are just tools like paint and brushes.

Ask most of the very young artists these days, computers are being used in at least a step or two in the process of making their work. Computers have revolutionized art and art making in ways I can’t even imagine. Don’t dismiss the amount of time it takes to make these works. Digital image making takes hours of time and conceptual drawings to make each piece. I can’t image Wiese’s work is just a few instructions plugged into a program to get these images. Even if this is a “plug the number in” program, like a photographer, the art is not only the ability to take a good photo, but also to select the best results from all the images that were made.

I was researching some of Devin Borden Gallery’s previous shows and I was encouraged by the artists they were showing. It looks like the gallery has an aesthetics mission that will keep me checking out their shows. Charles Wiese will speak about his current exhibition on Saturday November 19th at 11:00 am. The show runs through January 10th, 2012.

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