Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Writer's Retraction

About a year ago I was approached with a job to write critical reviews on art for and then later, and as well. I also maintain my own blog about art, artists, galleries, and museums since 2005. Many times I write about my feeling and thoughts on the art and I get excited about artists and their works. Sometimes I get a little sloppy in my reporting and I have tried to correct my errors. I am working towards a more journalistic approach to everything I do, but I have fallen short sometimes and for that I am sorry for not being completely well equipped as a writer and journalist. I can only say that I am striving to get better.

Now I almost always wrote about art and artists I like and want to write about, because I am passionate about the art work. However, I have still got a few interesting responses to my writing. I remember a conversation where I heard the artist was quoted as saying that it was refreshing to read a non-academic review. Ouch, that hurt, especially since I tried to draw historic connection to the artist’s work and work by the artist’s contemporaries in the article. Another artist told me in an email "saying that I made a "breakthrough" with my work when you are not at all familiar with what I have been doing is ridiculous." Needless to say, out of respect for that artist, I took down the post.

I know sometimes I get it wrong, but I have had some very graceful artists that have told me I had it all wrong and helped me to correct my errors in the most caring and gentle way. I made the changes they asked me to make. I thanked the two artists and one gallery that corrected me in a spirit of mutual good will. I learned a great deal more from them, plus I was able to make the adjustments needed to helped the artist and help me write better about art.

I don't know if I have made others angry or made what you perceive as bad or incorrect observations, but if I have offended anyone in my attempt to write a critical responses, please don't hesitate in telling me what I got wrong.

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