Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pattern Plan

Jessica McCambly - Absent Referent 4 (Series 10) , 2011Acrylic, Powdered Mica on paper
My art review for an Austin show in October

In just a short amount of time grayDuck Gallery has consistently organized some of the most thought provoking group shows in the Austin area. Right now, the gallery has on display a show titled "Pattern Plan," which is another-worldly art experience of artists: Dameon Lester, Jessica McCambly, and L. Renee Nunez. Each artist references the natural world in their work, but these objects feel as if they have grown on planets light-years way.

Dameon Lester’s fuzzy creations are seemingly contradicting the normal hard edge approach to geometric shapes. Each object has a life of its own and I love how some of the objects cast shadows that play along the wall. Although Lester’s art references natural occurring objects, you can feel the ever present manufactured material that gives this work the needed tension to make it attractive. I get the feeling Lester’s work belongs in a science fiction movie as much as in an art gallery or art museum.

Every time I have the opportunity to see Jessica McCambly’s art work, I get bubbly or at least giddy. When McCambly was an active member of 500X in Dallas, the public and I were treated to show after show of her work. So, she has been on my “must watch list,” for years now. Like some of the best artists out there, she has always played in the realm of complex shapes or objects juxtaposed with minimalistic white. McCambly makes incredibly clean work, with a skillful use of repetition. The work at grayDuck Gallery is extremely sublime, even for her normal fair. This new work, like Lester’s, manages to feel like a natural outgrowth, rather than an artist made object. I am a little repulsed and attracted to the objects, so I clearly have to love them.

L. Renee Nunez’s shaped canvases play with the idea of a painting being an object in disguise. These paintings remind me of when I use to collect plants and press them in a book, but when I open the book back up, I didn’t get plants that come from another planet, like Nunez’s work appears to spawn. The repetition of organic shaped patterns helps to drive home the feeling of naturally occurring plants. Dameon Lester, Jessica McCambly, and L. Renee Nunez are three extremely talented artists exhibiting lively art at the grayDuck Gallery. I highly recommend this unnatural/natural show that is running from September 30 through October 30.
For more images of the show visit ModAustin.net

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