Monday, April 30, 2012

Gabriel Dawe + Philip Low

Gabrielle Dawe - Installation // PEEL Gallery - photography by, Shau Lin Hon
My art review repost for a show in Houston in October 2011

The PEEL Gallery is having a showing of Gabriel Dawe's and Philip Low's art work, whose works I am extremely excited to write about. PEEL Gallery's focus is on the decorative arts and designs which help to facilitate conversation with individual artists and decorative objects. Dawe and Low play in the realm of decorative arts through their use of material. Both artists make unique objects that are contemplative and visually engaging.

I have seen Gabriel Dawes work before at the Conduit Gallery in Dallas, at the Dallas
Contemporary. Each time the treads create a new experience and play amazing tricks
on your eyes. I remember my first encounter with Dawe’s work at Conduit. I walked into the room and I was so disoriented with the colors and lines that I walked right into the work. I was so embarrassed. What can I say? The experience literally pulled me into the piece. Luckily I didn’t damage it. The piece in the PEEL Gallery has the same blurring effect, with 12 rows of layered colorful lines that move from the ceiling to the floor. When you look down the rows, you get a burst of distorted color. I like how each row has a distinct characteristic through color, while maintaining the same pattern design. Dawe’s work commands the room’s attention, so it was difficult to see the rest of the space without feeling the need to continually look back at the piece.

Philip Low creates the feeling that he is recreating precious and semi precious gems through his use of geometric shapes and transparent and translucent materials. Low’s art makes you want to pick it up and look at it from every angle to see how light plays on all the surfaces. And with so many of them, it is fun to imagine the interactive quality among the objects. You want to arrange these shapes to make your own composition. His design background shines through in his sculptures, also his attention to detail, handmade craftsmanship and stylish use of color.

Gabriel Dawe’s and Philip Low’s works are a great complement to each other. In these works, our perception of an object depends solely on what angle we approach the art. Whether it is the shear presence of a piece that fills the room, like Dawe’s art, or the intimate art of Low’s, both capture and hold your attention on an equal footing. Dawe’s Plexus No 9 will be up until October 31st and Low’s small acrylic sculptures will be up through October.

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