Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Self-Exploration in Art

You read about those stories of sports fans that have visited every stadium of every professional team is a particular league. And I think that is great for those who love sports, and I appreciate sports, but I don't love it. What I love is art and I find it wonderful to visit museums in particular. I think seeing art improves my life so much so that I would like to do something great to reflect my love for art and the museums that house them. I purpose to go to every museum of art in the USA. There are so many variation of art museums, art centers, art galleries, contemporary art, western art, folk art, etc. I would want to limit it to those institutions that are museums of art in a broad sense. Selecting what constitutes a "museum of art," might be a little subjective. Maybe I can come up with some hard and fast rules on what makes the institutions different than other art ventures. Well I can't start without a plan so, I must first define my plan. This also might be a life long mission, but I also need to start collecting prof of my visits. Start slow and let it snowball to reaching my goal.

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