Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gary Perrone


My art review repost for August 2011 show

The alternative art space Firehouse has debuted with the very talented Gary Perrone. His collection of portraits and abstracts show a real play of innovation in style and in content. Really, Perrone is harking back to a period when artists were more spiritually connected, but Gary brings these thoughts up to date through the eyes of modern science. Perrone describes the work as depicting the chemical reactions we see expressed as thoughts. Unlike most of us, that take this energy for granted, Perrone records the energy of physical nature on canvas in his paintings.

Perrone’s observation of these energies are best expressed in his painting that by using small blocks of paint. You can almost feel the universe organized itself right there on canvas. Perrone’s paintings are abstract and figurative. Both subjects give off a feeling of lightness, joy, and hope mixed with a sometime harsh reality. I think Perrone’s art has lofty goals, while still remaining grounded in the natural world.

I also feel that his work best describes his personal struggles with his health. When he creates, “I intentionally release excess mental activity. As a painting unfolds, the colors and patterns spread across the canvas like viruses or crystals.” The paintings act as a healing process for him, but also a transformative object for us. We can also feel the struggles and healing power from the paintings.

Gary Perrone’s treatment of the portrait is less camera based and more like a fading in and out memory. You feel the emotion rather than the detail of the moment. Perrone is recording these portraits in the same way the mind stores memories, just the basic impressions.

Although Perrone’s work looks diverse at first glance, you can start to see connective tissue to this otherwise “stream of consciousness.” Another aspect is his use of color which has an underlining theme. You can tell he uses a more thoughtful color palette. You don’t see any day glow or purely depressing colors here. Maybe his years as an art director have helped him to refine his sophisticated choices or maybe his measured approach keeps the colors tonally similar. Whatever the reason, the results are very approachable paintings.

As a 1983 BFA graduate of the Hardford Art School, Gary Perrone began a career as a graphic designer in New York City in 1984. He has continued his design career here in Dallas, but Texas has further inspired him to branch out into paintings on canvas, watercolors sculptures, and even cookies. “Gary is also the founder of ArtCookies LLC, an endeavor that combines his love for cooking with his passion for art.” Alternative spaces are an important stepping stone in an artist’s career. Places like Firehouse and their Guest Artist program will keep hard working artists like Gary Perrone in the public eye.
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