Thursday, March 08, 2012

Daniel Heidkamp

Last month, I found my way down to Austin, TX. I went to see Champion Gallery and Daniel Heidkamp paintings. I wrote briefly about his work in a previous show group show at Champion. But sense he had a solo show recently, I got to see a few more pieces. I compared his work to Henri Matisse, but I would be remiss to not only mention an art like David Hockney also come to mind. Heidkamp was just in a big show of portrait artists and you can see some of his portraits in this painting of his studio. I particularly enjoy the mix of thick paintings and thin brush strokes. The style of the work reaches back to the naive type artists, but the craft of the painting gives away the academic attention to detail. One piece even had a real mirror embedded in the painting. I was pleasantly surprised this small moment of reflection.

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