Friday, March 16, 2012

Andrew Williams

All images in the Archetype series are in editions of 10.Durst Lambda C-Type Prints20x30in
My art review repost of August 2011 show
Magnolia Art Gallery is one of the unique alternative art spaces in Dallas, nestled within the Magnolia Theater and a haven for up and coming artists.. On this excursion, I had a desire for black and white, cinematic and images that would capture my imagination....

Andrew Williams’ photography supplied me with drama of architecture in his show titled “Archetypes.” Williams is a New York based photographer pursuing his bachelor of fine arts, but has shown extensively in the DFW area.

The Archetype series of photographs was inspired by a dream that I encountered. It is based on geometry within architecture. The structures are multiplied and juxtaposed onto themselves. The images have a formulaic feel and are meant to portray the term “archetype” as accurately and graphically as possible,” Andrew Williams.

The Magnolia show will feature Williams’ photos of multiple perspective shots of buildings. A multiple exposures done in camera, and Williams skillfully uses this technique to make powerful images of architecture with ghostly reflections. I have seen this type of “formulaic feel” in many other photographers works, but William is not defining his work with a trick of the edit, but with the idea of the image. The concept feels like a collage made from the past and present of these ever changing yet seemingly not changing structures. Although, more sophisticated than just a refection from water, the mirror effect is a strong element.

The buildings repeat and are arranged by merging the buildings to create powerful geometric, minimal lines. There is also a strange, understated atmospheric layer that clouds the images with more organic lines.

Many of the photos are inspired by Dallas’ iconic skyline and some nondescript places that look to be around DFW. The excitement of trying to identify some of the buildings and place I have been. It was also fun to try to find hidden images of cars or lamp posts that had been faded into the image. Andrew Williams takes his architectural photos and really plays through rearranging the shapes of these buildings. I hated pulling myself way, but I had a date ... I was meeting at “Midnight in Paris.”
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