Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Drawing to Digtial to Drawing

So I am showing you these three art works so I can talk about using similar elements in different works. Artist do this all the time. They will take a theme and then they will do several variations of the same work. Here in the first work is my first drawing of "Ghost for Breakfast," (ignore my name on the image please) then I created a digital print in the second image. The third image is a large drawing that is mixed with other quotes from artists. Notice the background is similar to the two above. I also created a series of screen print images using the same source material. Each time I return to this source material, it seems that the work changes, while keeping fundamental elements.
I have been seriously thinking of making a series of drawings that use identical composition, but use different colors. All hand drawn of course. This way the images would be even more like printmaking, but still be hand inked, thus further challenging the viewer.

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