Monday, January 16, 2012

Roosevelt Sanon

It is a good time to think about Haitian art with all the remembrance of the earthquake on the news. After all, a really important industry that Haiti has is the artists. This work by Roosevelt Sanon is beautiful and idyllic, but you have to think of the context this work is painted. Haiti never really recovered from their deforestation to pay off the French for their independence. So a sense like this could only be imagined. Sanon is painting what might be, or what should be. A renewal of land and people in harmony. Stylistically, this work reminds me a little of the American Regionalism of the 1930's. Every collector should have at least one work from a living Haitian artist. Not only to support them as artists, but Haiti has a unique aesthetic that has strong roots in their religion, hopefulness, and you find very interesting critically challenging work.

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