Sunday, January 01, 2012

Primary Buttons

Four Years ago, I reviewed the presidential candidates graphic design on their buttons. Of course, I am positive that the best design won the last election for Obama, (really I think it at least played a small role), so I thought, who will likely win the Republican primary from their design on their buttons. Ok, so we have a lot of contenders and you know they are already dropping like flies, so I had to get this out now. The GOP primary players are the following: Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Buddy Roemer, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum. Here are the examples of their buttons.

Here is my verdict. Under the snooze category is Santorum. The most exciting thing about this design is the stars falling off the sides. Both Paul and Bachman use a stripped flag in their names, but I don't see a lot of graphic optimism here. All but Huntsman and Gingrich use a text that serif fonts. Huntsman's font projects a more personal relationship font, but his "H" logo looks like a logo for an corporation rather than a presidential candidates. Gingrich is pretty odd. The bold text looks fat, baby blue background is painful to look at, but not as painful as the informal red font of his "2012." But nothing could be as bad at Koemer's button. From the 3D letters, pictures of the candidate, and the flag in the background which makes the text less readable, I would have thought maybe a very young family member had design the button. Perry's is not bad, but nothing really memorable about it either. Romney's R shaped flagged is inspired, but I think his tag line helps the button the most, "Believe in America." Paul has a tag line too, but "Restore America Now," isn't vague optimisms. After all, I am left to ask, restore it to what? Where as a tag line "Believe in America," is about a vague as "Yes we can." Therefore, it works for politicians.


Troy Camplin said...

Verdict on who will win?

Lamb said...

Very interesting! None of them would get my vote--buttons or candidates!

Todd Camplin said...

Lamb, from a design stand point, not a great deal of exciting design here.
Camplin, on design alone, I think Huntsman's is at least a little more eye catching and Romney's "R" is also working for me. Who do you think has the best button?

Troy Camplin said...

I find the darkness of Romney's too overwhelming. It's harder to read who the candidate is. Bachman's has too much white. I mostly agree on the rest of your critique, though. Not much exciting going on. Huntsman's catches your eye, but I think one comes away from it annoyed.