Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amanda Hughen

I find photographic my work a real problem. So when I saw Amanda Hughen's work, I though, wow, those images are great. How in the world did these get photographed. Well, beyond the nice images, is also the the great work. These are explosions of geometric shapes and wonderful lines with acrylic paint that mutes out areas and allows the work to have overlapping depth. I ran across the work at Marcia Wood Gallery website. Amanda Hughen has an amazing website and the shots of details is what I aspire to get done with my own work. It is time I take my art career more serious and make the important steps towards real and meaningful success that will provide for my family and be the career I dreamed it would be. I just cleared my mornings for three days, so I can get some smaller works done. I have been sending out my information to group shows, jury shows, and other venues. It is time I make my mark. And I would like to thank Amanda Hughen's inspirational work to show me the way.


Rebecca said...

Thank you for writing about Hughen, Todd, and for talking about seriousness in taking your art to the next level. I've been working on that as well. I also have the photographing issue with my work, several professionals have tried with mixed results. I need to figure it out in order to get good, quality images.
Loved seeing your drawings on board at the Bath House, congratulations!

Todd Camplin said...

Thank you Rebecca, your support means a lot.