Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Alex Schaefer

Instead of destroying property, psychologists will tell you to refocus you energy to something creative. But when you do, someone always seems to be disturbed by your creative outlet. Alex Schaefer has tapped into a lot of peoples anger toward the banks and he has made a clear message of his feelings. The LAPD has taken issue with his work, which I am sure to the delight of Schaefer. With the prices he is fetching, he could make a good living off this series. And after all, making a living off our art is all we artists are asking. Trust me, the high prices he is fetching now will pay for those many years of lean living. And those lean years come in waves, so Schaefer, like most artist, is likely see to have a few more years of lean to go in his life. So, when you read about artists making large sums of money for some work, please don't complain. Most are working their tail off to generally little reward. We should be happy for those that have a moment in the sun.


VE said...

Happy New Year, Todd!

Troy Camplin said...

I wonder where he's going to put all that money? ;-)

Todd Camplin said...

Credit Union