Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yarn Bombing

My wife is crazy about knitting and crocheting. So, naturally I started to look up other artists that also use yarn. I came across Yarn Bombing. This kind of art is really graffiti art, just with yarn, but somehow it makes the world a little more magical. Glasstire and Texas Monthly did a profile on Yarn Bomber Magda Sayeg. It appears the art movement might have its source in Dallas and went global. It is really huge in Europe, but so is a lot of graffiti. I have a few sites for you to visit so you can see this kind of work. First is blog Street Art Utopia, then there is blog Yarn Bomb, and the Glasstire article on Magda Sayeg. The Glasstire article also has some interesting comments about the artist. Apparently there is some bitterness about her rise to fame.

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