Friday, December 09, 2011

Poem by Troy Camplin

Before I get to the poem, I would like to explain why it is here. This is a poem by my brother, Troy Camplin. I turned this work into a very black, pink, and read art work. So, here is the poem and the image will come later.


Below my surface lies an undertow
That wants to drag you down, most unexpected,
Into a rapid, roiling, turgid flow,
Our movements breaking onto undetected
Stones – our emotions shattering the pieces
We were to these west winds of weariness.
I have grown weary and my heart, it ceases
Desiring each gentle, deep caress
Of my emotions, intense undertow,
A pull that drew me down into the deep
Parts of myself that nearly drowned the glow
Of life itself – I wanted cool, cool sleep.
My currents make me fear for you and me –
Desires that drive me to stay and flee.

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