Monday, December 05, 2011

Ingrid Calame

Ingrid Calame #181 Working Drawing 2005 illustrated above shows a type of color pencil drawing on trace mylar. I get a similar effect with the great and wonderful projector. I love the projector as a tool. I love blowing up my own drawing and making large layered finished compositions. In Calame's work, the lines and shapes interact and layer like transparent clouds or complex topographical maps. The dark lines seem to be close the the surface, while the lighter yellow seems to fall back into space. I like the feeling of movement and action in the lines. Calame really makes a busy drawing.
I like how Calame takes graffiti on the street or makings on the road or even stains on a porch and then traces those as a kind of recording and reworks them into her own work. It is like taking temporary text and partly preserving and partly reshaping to full remake the street art.

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