Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wainer Vaccari

I was in LA about three years back and I found myself in China Town. A lot of art galleries art in China Town, so I got to see a lot of interesting art. I saw so much, I think I forgot a few shows. Wainer Vaccari wasn't one of them. The show consists of Vaccari's series of boxers. The images were painted with gestures of text, symbols, and abstract lines. I have recently seen a TV commercial that shows numbers playing over the body. I think it was some kind of drug company. Well, anyways, as soon as I saw it, I thought of Vaccari work. How we are made up of numbers, letters, or in better term; Information. Vaccari uses the traditional paintings gestures with these writing symbols to create a painting that bridges the past with current information theories and ideas. Apparently Vaccari is considered a "Maximalist."


Omid Mousaei said...

this work looks very impressive...i love the tick quick brush strokes and how as a whole they unite into making her face

Todd Camplin said...

Great comment, I was attracted by the work for the very same reasons. I check out your poetry, I really enjoyed reading your recent posts and I will have to read some more soon. Thanks