Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fresh Faces 2X2

Bath House Cultural Center is having a group show of artists that are emerging and have never exhibited at the Cultural Center, so curator - Rita Barnard organized a hugely diverse group of artists. Opening reception will be December 3rd, at 7 to 9 and the show will run through January 28th, 2012. I will be exhibiting the debut of my new work on clay board.

Artists: Ray Alvarez, Vicki Barringer, Carol Beesley, Coral Bourgeois, Todd Camplin, Michael Christopher, Dan Colcer, Brian A. Crawford, Dave Cudlipp, Kiki Curry, Chance Dunlap, Brett Dyer, Suzanne Edmonson, Peggy Epner, Angie Fitzgerald, Brad Ford Smith, George Fowler, Frankie Garcia III, Mary Gargour, Lydia Gowens, T.J. Griffin, Jeremy Hahn, Luke Haynes, Ellie Ivanova, Brian Keith Jones, Sonali Khatti, Dave Klucsarits, Bonny Leibowitz, Michael Longhofer, Laurie Mahoney, Jeanne C. Neal, Lisa Yelizaveta Nersesova, Ricardo Paniagua, Dean Pettit, Carolyn Rekerdres, Mike Salcido, Clint Scism, Brian Scott, Kasten Searles, Caroline Shaw Ometz, Jane Sublett, Steve Uriegas, Robin A. Walker, and Douglas Winters.


Dana S. Whitney said...

Thanks for accumulating so much information!

Todd Camplin said...

I wanted to get people to do a kind of one stop preview of the show though other works by these makers.Glad it was helpful.