Monday, November 21, 2011

Dallas on Monday

Every time I visit Dallas for meetings on Monday, I find myself limited to my art consumption options. So, North Park Mall with the Naspher Collection on display is always nice to visit. Not a lot of rotation of work, but something to behold if you like shopping and experiencing art in the same place. I generally see malls as just museums anyways, because I can never afford anything, but I love looking at the fashions and displays. I also made my pilgrimage to large Half-Price Bookstore and their huge collection of art books. I nearly bought a few catalogs of artist's work, but I ended up buying the art essays of Apollinaire, which is a true treasure already. I finally went to the Barns and Nobel, across from the North Park Mall. I went upstairs and I has horrified that the art section had been moved downstairs and left as a shell of its former glory. This B&N had been a haven for top of the line new art books on multiple shelves and now the space for art is like any other B&N, crap little. I was so disappointed I walked over to the magazine rack to find that it to had taken an extreme cut back as well. I couldn't even buy an ArtNews or Art America. I don't know the reason for the change, but that is the last time I go out of that particular store. I guess I will have to visit the DMA museum store or save up my money for the CAA convention to get any good new art books.

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Havetoloveart said...

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