Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bratsa Bonifacho

I am always a fan of artists that use numbers and letters in their art. I was looking at Canadina art galleries, when I ran across Herringer Kiss Gallery, where I ran across the artist Bratsa Bonifacho. However, Bonifacho is a little conservative in composition approach, almost to the point of decorative or quilt like. I personally think some of the other work on his homepage is stronger, but you will have to explore and judge that yourself.
I would imagine that Bonifacho uses a kind of system to create this work. To me, systems work best, because you can walk right up to a canvas and paint/draw a piece a lot easier than always coming to a blank canvas with no idea what to paint. I find it easier to just sit and think in the studio for a while before hitting the work. Although, preliminary steps before I hit the art work take a lot of mind time too.

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