Friday, October 21, 2011

Victòria Pujadas

When painting and collage photography combined, you often get layered mess, but in Victòria Pujadas case, you get less of a mess and more of a message. I think the limited color palate of black and white on a color photo helps the work avoid an easy read. Is it pro or anti fashion photography, I think it is leaning to anti, but I am still not sure. I do think the work is a comment on beauty. I like the iconoclastic nature of Pujadas' work. She is tearing down and editing the photo while allowing the paint to reveal expressive marks. This work reminds me of the graffiti styling of Christopher Wool.


victoria said...

gracias por tu comentario Todd

Todd Camplin said...

I liked your work, had to talk about it.

Robin Kalinich said...

This is fabulous, Todd! Thanks for sharing it.