Monday, October 03, 2011

Eva Hesse

Once when I was in Houston, got to see a show of my favorite post-minimalist artist Eva Hesse. Menil Collection had some of her sketch books and some of her sculptures. I loved the feeling of process I got from the show. She was really inventive with the objects, but it is unfortunate that the material to make her work was so toxic. Some of the material has also not aged well, but the road to conceptual art was really less about the object and more about the idea. That tension of object vs idea has been lost to the Baroque taste of the international art trade. Artists are starting to be separated into artists that make sellable art and those that make art for non-commercial purposes. Lucky, there is less and less value judgment by one group over the another whether one is superior to the other. Seem like calling people a "sell out" was a passing fad. I guess making a living off your art is not seen as a bad thing any more.

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