Sunday, October 02, 2011


Bohemia is a Waco art and literary journal. I ran across a copy at the Croft Gallery, and then at the Waco Cultural Arts Fest where I ended up pick up a copy for free. I like their spirit and ambitious pursuit to publish an art journal in Waco. Although, this is a college town, the college is pretty conservative and so is much of the town. There are a few oasis of culture that I like to frequent, but you have to really start emerging yourself into the local scene to get a whiff of what is going on around here.
The journal features an artist, some poetry, short stories, and other interesting articles. I Check out their web page, and they have a really active blog over there, but it took me a minute to navigate it. Guess I am not use to Wordpress blogs. It was so refreshing to read an art review for a Waco art show.

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