Saturday, September 24, 2011

Miltos Manetas

Miltos Manetas uses these sublime colors that are muted and understated. The reason why I was looking at this work is that I love the subject matter. Wired magazine and media other sources have continued to talk about the paperless and now wireless society, but as we all know this reality is a long way off if ever a true future. So when I came across Manetas work, I thought to myself, finally an artist that is taking on the a true plight on society, wires. My house has so many wires and so many plug ins that I have to have a folder full of instructions to make sure I know where they go and what they do, in case the my kids unplugs everything, which they have. My house wires looked much like this painting and I would bet many people have their own fun stories about being over wired.

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