Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hiroyuki Hamada

Finally, an artist that makes work referencing Sci-Fi that isn't cheesy. I can almost feel this work floating in space as it hangs on the wall. It is so funny how every space ship made for Sci-Fi movies or series always has cool stuff thrown on with no meaning. It is all about the visual experience of space. Now an artist takes on this fact head on and I am loving it. One piece looks like a possible robot at rest, but it could be just an object, Hamada leaves it ambiguous. That I think is the reason why this work successes so much more than other before. Check out the site.


Joe said...

The term for those little bits are greebles or nurnies, and they mostly exist in sci-fi art to break up forms into more interesting abstract shapes and to suggest that sufficiently advanced technology that inspires such a sense of wonder.

Todd Camplin said...

Point well taken, but that sense of wonder does carry over to Hamada's work.