Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ben Terry

Ben Terry, what can I say, but a real rising star. In a world of self absorbed people, the rise of memoirs, and artists interested in self portrait, Terry jumps into this world head first, but with a skill that not only reflect the society he is in, but also with a strange sense of irony and the right amount of self-criticism that make the work more than just an easy surface reading. Here what I said at, for the "110 Degrees" show at Cohn Drennan Contemporary.

"Benjamin Terry takes a more cubist approach to his figures. His paintings play with multiple self-portrait perspectives. The paintings use a limited muted color palate that blands out any attempt to create emotional content through color. We are forced to draw our emotional response through
the self-portrait rendered figure. A risky move with a powerful payoff."

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