Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dimitri Kozyrev

I have been looking for a few artists that look and feel like Modernist. Dimitri Kozyrev, a Russian born artist, leads me to believe that this artist hearkens back to the ideas of broken shapes like Cubist, muted colors of many Minimalist, but the artist's rejection by simulated dimensionality sets the work apart, because the artworks refuse to be flat like and Abstract Expressionist work. I have been in long debate on whether I like Kozyrev work, but I think it have been won me over, because normally I only post artists I like on this blog. I must be going through another phase of "it is all about Modernism." It is likely my constant return to Peter Gay's book Modernism: The Lure of Heresy. The book always get me excited about new aspect of the Modernist period.


Troy Camplin said...

It feels very architectural -- first impression is of a house with trees behind it. And the house itself as a Wright-like appearance.

Todd Camplin said...

Yes, very landscape like abstract.