Friday, August 05, 2011

CMCA and Shannon Rankin

When I was in Maine, I had to visit the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport and I was not disappointed. The space was broken up into three stories. A large ground floor, a small, hallway space and activity room down stairs, and an interestingly lay out space upstairs. They had on display 4 artists, but each were given the right amount of space for the work. Upstairs there were two artists, Steve Mumford and Shannon Rankin. Steve Mumford's works were journal illustrations of his time in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was struck by the everyday life he captured in such a sublime setting.

Shannon Rankin was a good parring with Mumford. After all, maps and the political implications are some of the root problems of our long running conflicts. Thou Rankin's work doesn't seem to have this political baggage. The work invokes a more bio-geography that uses the "cartography language" to make her work. The painstaking cuts help describe mathematical structures on the one hand and on the other, an almost body like form that flows and moves like dripped paint. I love the roads she cut out to leave the gaping empty spaces, while emphasizing the web like structure the road leaves behind. I could go on and on describing all the inovative ways she reworks map matterial, but why not see for yourself on her website.

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