Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shariar Ahmadi

Iranian artist Shariar Ahmadi, reminds me a little bit like Cy Twombly's work. Both artists use reference to text to reinterpret abstraction, however, Ahmadi incorporated his experience with calligraphy and his inclusion of Persian historical references. His rich abstracts, like "Untitled" from 2008 is layered with paint and then parts are eliminated or edited out of the image. Some of his work also uses old images with script that he reworks and erase the image with painted gestures. He is showing that history is not stagnate, but changes with the flow of information or lack of information. His work also reminds me of some of Rauschenberg's work. Particularly the iconoclastic nature of Ahmadi's paintings.


david weir art said...

Nice post.

Todd Camplin said...

Hey, I like your work too. Can I blog about it?

david weir art said...

Hi Todd , that would be great. cheers