Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nja Mahdaoui

Calligraphy has been something of a passion of mine in research and development in my own work, so when I run across a master, I take notice. Tunisia artist Nja Mahdaoui is an amazingly talented at his craft. The images he creates out of script is a thing of pure beauty. His 2010 "Mellita" above, illustrates this point perfectly with its form so close to the organization of the universe, you can feel a real powerful connection to the his work. Mahdaoui is taking a traditional form of art and continuing a playful dance with words.


KAMHauck said...

you should do some research on the importance and history of calligraphy in the arabic culture and language. I think you'll find it interesting.

KAMHauck said...

If you havent, you need to do some reseach on the history and significance of calligraphy in the arabic culture and language. it is considered a very high art with a great deal of signifance. (perhaps because it is considered wrong to duplicated the human body in art--I think this may extend to creation of images in general--there's the belief that its heretical. that may be interesting to look into as well, as they have found loopholes around ti)