Saturday, July 09, 2011

Maine Art

If you find yourself driving up the coast of Maine, drop by a few galleries and you will start seeing a consistent type of work. Lots of boats, lobsters, and seasides are the subjects of the vast majority of paintings and drawings. As my wife calls it, tourist art. However, I wish I could visit them all. I know it is just the pure novelty, but there is a ton of talented traditional image makers. Some have a nice spin on the typical styles, however almost every watercolor looks like it could have been done by the same artist. Rockland, Maine had a nice grouping of art galleries that didn't follow the "for tourist" trend. And the Center for Maine Contemporary Art is a must see if you want to see some really talented artists. Studio galleries are all over too, so talking to the artist or their family members is a bonus.

I can't blame these artists, I have had the urge to get out my paints and create a scene canvas as well. I feel so dirty. I guess I will stick to my sketches of the landscape to inspire the abstracts I make.

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