Monday, July 11, 2011

David Sequeira

Australia artist David Sequeira really plays with the Post Modern condition through his strong understanding of color. His works are as diverse as his collection and display of glass objects, his rearrangement of his father's library into color organization, his colorful gouache on paper designs, his geometric line drawings over old master prints, and his sharply rendered color circles over old prints; to name a few. Sequeira interacts with relations of color and those that have come before him by re-contextualizing the images and objects presented. His collection pieces are really a beautiful way to re-present Duchamp's ready-mades. His old masters series uses patterns and shapes that overlay the influence of geometric design element and historical influences of the eastern cultures had on western art. The color elements over old prints are almost like speaking elements laid over the image. You can hear the colors speak from these circles.

David Sequeira keeps it simple and elegant. He uses a diverse grouping of ideas that are thematically connected through color and line. I wish he would have another show in my area of travels again.

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