Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bath, Maine Art Walk

While in Maine, I visited the Bath Art Walk. I was pleasantly surprises to see so many non-tourist artists working here in town. My first stop was C. Ford Studio where I saw some fun illustrative paintings. The works were bright and fun, with a children storybook look. I also wormed my way up three flights of outside stairs to get to Tom Paiement studio space. He had a great little grouping of abstracts based off of the guitar and he showed me his "Entropy Trilogy" or his three panel collage paintings of a world in decay, rebuilding, and optimistic "2001 a Space Odyssey" like work. I really like the epic qualities of these particular pieces. Judson Pottery gallery featured a scenes from Maine, but some work were highly detailed pen and ink drawings, which instantly attracted me. Plus she has a noticeable interest into elephants. I visited a few other open studio with wonderful local color and flare of their own. A very nice visit with many surprises.

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