Saturday, July 23, 2011

Art Process

One of the more interesting things about artists blogs is that many times they show a work in progress. Like a cooking show, process of a painting is great to watch and many times helpful to the rest of us. Lynne Oaks' blog shows a her painting "The Conversation" in process to finished work. Oaks' work is well structured and disciplined approach to layering on the paint to make an image. Kat Ostrow's blog is completely dedicated to the work in progress. Ostrow's portrait work is full of lines and sketches that make the process fun to watch. There are also blogs out their that are about "making art" in general. Tessa McSorley's blog "How to Make Art," covers inspiration and motivation, which is big issues that is thankfully being covered.


Lynne said...

Thank you Todd for including my blog in your post here. I put up my work in progress for the precise reason you wrote help others in any way I can to understand how a painting might be developed from start to finish.
Thanks again!

Todd Camplin said...

No prpblem, I want people to learn all they can about process and about other artists. I am glad you are out their willing to share your secrets.