Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Mattingly

Critics are extremely important to the artists, art historians, galleries, and collectors. June Mattingly is one of those important critics that is helping advance the discourse in the arts in Texas. A really good critic also tends to curate shows and Mattingly is also great at picking artists for group shows at some of the best spaces in Texas. Her blog, Texas Contemporary Art is an articulate read and Mattingly voice is a much needed voice of the visual arts.
Her website explains that 'Mattingly’s all consuming interest in the field of Contemporary Art spans her lifetime with a degree in studio art from Bennington College,her paintings selected in three juried shows at the Dallas Museum of Art,as a serious art collector and curator,taught a popular course at Southern Methodist University on collecting art,owner of a prominent gallery in Dallas where she discovered and showed Texas Contemporary artists,and all of this is the subject of her new book.'


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